01-communityresilienceThe Victorian Government is committed to preventing violent extremism by providing an effective, accessible and targeted grants programs to build social cohesion and resilience within communities across Victoria.

The Community Resilience Grants are now open and provide an opportunity for eligible community, not-for-profit, youth and peak body organisations to deliver innovative projects to address the underlying conditions of violent extremism.

The project must meet one of the following objectives:

1.   support and work with communities and young people to develop collaborative approaches to building resilience to hate and violent extremist narratives; and

2.   support and work with communities and young people at risk of violent extremism to develop their confidence and skills to advocate for their concerns and grievances through peaceful, democratic means.

Some examples of successful projects include:

·   strengthening cyber safety knowledge and helping communities and families respond to negative online influences;

·  forums and workshops to help reconnect with disengaged youth; and

·  community and youth-led initiatives which create a sense of belonging and offer alternatives to violent extremist narratives.

All successful projects will be youth or community led.

Partnerships between lead applicants and other community, not-for-profit and peak body organisations are strongly encouraged.

What funding is available?

There is $600,000 available under these grants.

Organisations can apply for •small grants for between $20,000 and $50,000, and •major grants for between $50,001 and $100,000.

All projects will be delivered within 12 months of signing funding agreements.

How do I apply?

Applications close 11.59pm 20 May 2016. Complete an application form online.

Further Information

Find out all about the Community Resilience Grants by visiting the Community Resilience webpage, watching the YouTube video and reading the program Guidelines.

For further enquiries, call the Community Resilience Unit on 1300 366 356 to discuss your application.

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