Sukkot (Judaism)

From October 11, 2011 23:00 until October 19, 2011 22:59


Sukkot is a seven day Jewish festival celebrated on the Hewbrew month of Tishrei, starting four days after Yom Kippur. Sukkot goes back to times in ancient Israel when Jews would build huts near the edges of their fields during the harvest season. One of these dwellings was called a 'sukkah' ('sukkot' is the plural form in Hebrew). These dwellings not only provided shade but allowed the workers to maximize the amount of time they spent in the fields, harvesting their food more quickly as a result. Sukkot is also related to the way the Jewish people lived while wandering in the desert for 40 years. As they moved from one place to another they built tents or booths, called sukkot, that gave them temporary shelter in the desert.

Hence, the sukkot (booths) that Jews build during the holiday of Sukkot are reminders both of Israel's agricultural history and of the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

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