Christians, Muslims & Community Harmony: What makes it tick?

From October 16, 2011 11:30 until October 16, 2011 15:15


Pax Christi Victoria Inc.  International Christian Peace Movement

You are invited to the October Agape - Muslim Christian Forum:

Christians, Muslims & Community Harmony: What makes it tick?

What can Christians and Muslims do together to work for justice and community harmony?

Date: Sunday October 16   Time: 2 P.M - 4.15PM

Location: Kildara, rear 39 Stanhope Street, East Malvern

Please Note: Shared meal 12.30 for 1 p.m.  Bring food to share:  Either Halal or non-Halal, savoury or sweet. Oven available from 12.30. If food needs to be heated please arrive by 12.30pm.


Host: Larry Marshall, Dialogue Centre - La Trobe

Afroz Ali  Imam, Founder, Al-ghazzali Centre

Avril Hannah-Jones, Uniting Church Minister

Samar Mougharbel, Community Worker

Merrill Kitchen, Theologian

Rafiq Clarkson, Islamic Education, Development Centre

Visier Sanyü, Refugee & Displaced Peoples Services

Reflection: Professor Joe Camilleri, Director Centre for Dialogue, LaTrobe

Plus cluster group discussions and your ideas. ALL WELCOME.

Enquiries:  Ian Fry  9415-8292 (bus.hrs.)

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Ian Fry 9415-8292 (business hours)

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