Talking Faith?

From November 17, 2011 17:45 until November 17, 2011 19:00

'Talking Faith?' aims to build interfaith bridges of trust, understanding and friendship through dialogue.

Last year a 'Talking Faith?' forum was held featuring all faiths that are a part of the Interfaith Network. This year, the 'Talking Faith?' forum begins focusing on one of the faiths that is a part of the Interfaith Network – Islam.  Another faith will be featured at the next 'Talking Faith?' forum and so on until, it is hoped, all faiths will have been featured in these series of forums.

Various representatives from the Islamic Community will answer questions on faith that people have placed in boxes in the Libraries  of the City of Greater Dandenong.

Date: Thursday, 17th of November   Time: 6.45pm - 8pm.

This forum is being organised by the Interfaith Network together with the City of Greater Dandenong Libraries.

Seating is limited so book now on 1300 630 920, in person or at


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book now on 1300 630 920, in person or at

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