Similarities between Islam and Christianity

From December 17, 2011 17:00 until December 17, 2011 20:00

Date: Saturday 17th December, 2011    Time: 6pm-9pm

Location: RMIT Storey Hall Building, 342-344 Swanston Street (Cnr. Of Latrobe Street), RMIT City Campus

A multifaith event, the goal of which is to concentrate on comparative religion, initiate discussion, dialogues and communication between people of different faiths.

The purpose of this event in particular is to bring the two major religious communities, Muslims and Christians, on a common platform of communication, thus opening doors of understanding and learning each other's perspectives.

One has to agree, both Muslims and Christians do have different beliefs and traditions but there is much need to have healthy discussions in an educative manner in order for all of us to live in peace without the fear factor!

The event is a talk by Br Waseem Razvi (Student of Islam and Comparitive Religion) on the topic of SIMILARITIES between Islam and Christianity, followed by Open Question and Answer session with the audience.

Guest Speakers:

  • Federal Agent from Australian Federal Police
  • Stephen Hall from the Catholic faith, member of the Focolare Movement
  • Pastor Cecil Schmalkuche from St Matthew's Lutheran Church, Footscray


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