A Report on 'Women in Islam' (Harmony Day) Event on March 20th

In Celebration of Harmony Day, Frankston Interfaith Network (FIN) hosted 'Women In Islam' event at Frankston Library Sunday 20th March. 

Special thanks to the Mayor of Frankston City Council, Cr Kristopher Bolam, for an opening address and to Nasirah Cavanery, one of our FIN group members, who agreed to present some of her faith’s traditions around an Islamic marriage and women in Islam.   

Women in Islam

As a group FIN enjoys hearing and learning about each other’s faith traditions and this was and opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith from Nasirah and to share this with the broader community.   By asking questions such as; “How much do women have to cover up according to Islam?”;  “Are Islamic marriages arranged”? ;  “What type of traditional clothing is worn”? those at the gathering were able to get a better understanding of some of the Islamic practices and some of the reasons behind the practices.

Nasirah brought along her wedding dress for the display and the men’s formal wear was modelled by her son Ayoub.  A range of headscarfs were provided by Khadije Dabbagh (Salam Fashions) for trying on.  The “Women in Islam” Harmony Day event was brought to a conclusion by sharing of the traditional Halal food and drink which provided an opportunity for further discussion.

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